18 East Main St. Suite 1
83644 Middleton
Phone: (208) 585-0051

Treatment programs include, but are not limited to the following:

-Pre and post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation

-Static and dynamic balance training

-Comprehensive exercise programs for deconditioning and obesity

-Comprehensive spine care for all spine-related pain or disorders

-Sacral iliac, rib and pelvic pain/dysfunction assessments and treatment programs

-Total joint replacement rehabilitation

-Hand therapy


-Work injuries


-Soft tissue sprains/strains/inflammation

-Sports injury rehabilitation

-Sport specific training/rehabilitation and movement analysis

-Gait training

-Fibromyalgia program

-MS program

-Pregnancy-related low back pain

***Treatment programs are modified and progressed each session based on patient status and needs.
  Modalities are utilized only if clinically appropriate and absolutely necessary.   

 When trying to decide where one would like to go to PT, please feel free to call us and set up an interview with Dr. Lee and take a tour of the facility.